The department of assisted reproductive technologies ADONIS FAMILY selects individual IVF programmes for each pair.In this section you can get acquainted with the main positions of the provided services.

A more detailed list of services will be provided to you by a personal coordinator in the course of discussing the details of your programme.

Below you can see the types of surrogate motherhood programmes provided by the ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center:


Surrogacy with donation of eggs

Surrogacy with semen donation

Price of the programme does not include payments to surrogate mother.

Payments to surrogate mother should be added to the price of each programme.

Payments to surrogate mother


Within each of these programmes we can provide the following services:

Selection of surrogate mother

Development of an individual draft of agreement on surrogacy between biological parents and their surrogate mother

Notarization of the surrogacy contract

Coordination services in the process of carrying out the programme until the pregnancy confirmation of the surrogate mother
Examination of surrogate mother before IVF programme

Cryopreservation and storage of sperm

IVF programme with surrogate mother

ADONIS pregnancy monitoring programme

Coordination services from the moment of confirmation of the surrogate mother’s pregnancy before delivery

Childbirth in the ADONIS obstetric hospital (maternity hospital)

Notarization of the surrogate mother’s application after the birth of the child

Legal services for child registration

Preparation of documents for the embassy, if the parents are not citizens of Ukraine.

Also, we will be able to provide any possible additional services required during the implementation of any surrogacy programmes.

For example, in programmes with donation of eggs or sperm — pick up a donor, maximizing all your wishes at selection.