Contacting the department of assisted reproductive technologies of ADONIS FAMILY, you trust yourself to the leading specialists of Ukraine who are constantly developing in the field of human reproduction.

It is important to understand that surrogate motherhood is the same method of overcoming infertility as all the others, therefore it requires careful preparation and competent medical support.

After applying to the clinic, you are assigned to a personal coordinator who will supervise your couple during the whole programme, from the moment of contacting us and until the birth of the child.

The surrogate motherhood programme can be divided into several stages:

Primary acquaintance

We understand that the decision of treatment using surrogacy cannot be easy for our patients, as we understand how many questions can cause the peculiarities of such treatment.

We are always glad to meet with our future patients and provide a maximum of information even before the start of the programme.

Also taking into account all medical aspects of your couple during such meeting our coordinators will be able to provide information on the cost of the surrogate motherhood program me in your case.

Signing a contract for the provision of non-medical services:

the selection of a surrogate mother (SM),

the selection of an oocyte / sperm donor (ED / SD),

the development of an individual draft of the surrogate motherhood agreement,

the provision of coordination services during the programme,

the notarization of a surrogate mother’s application after birth of a child, legal services for the registration of a child.

There is no clear definition of how many times a woman can be a surrogate mother. To be more correct, this is an individual question for each candidature of a surrogate mother, which depends on age, state of health, emotional state.

A surrogate mother can be an adult capable woman on the condition that she has her own healthy child and there are no medical contraindications to IVF, pregnancy and childbirth. The current legislation does not contain the age limit of a woman who wants to become a surrogate mother, but given the physiology of a woman, the most favorable age is 18-39 years.

In the case where the surrogate mother is married, a written, notarized, consent of her husband to the IVF programme is necessary.

The surrogate motherhood programme provides that a woman who is completely healthy, agrees to become pregnant with assisted reproductive technologies, to bear and give birth to a child, which will then be given to genetic parents.

Legally they will be considered as the parents of the child.

Pregnancy — childbirth

ADONIS FAMILY is a full-cycle medical center that also offers services for the management of pregnancy and childbirth.

We have a huge experience of monitoring the pregnancy of surrogate mothers in our medical center ADONIS FAMILY. In case if a surrogate mother is a non-resident of our city, we recommend her moving from the 7th month of pregnancy to Kiev with accommodation in apartments within walking distance from our clinic.

Also, our maternity hospital ADONIS created excellent conditions for delivery of surrogate mothers, when the biological parents themselves can   be present at the moment of birth of their first child and stay together with their newborn baby from the first days.

Execution of documents for the child

In the hospital, after the birth of the baby, in the presence of the notary, all necessary documents are made out from the side of the surrogate mother.

Our specialists also help in obtaining the documents in the registry office and obtaining a birth certificate. If the parents are not citizens of Ukraine, our lawyers will prepare all the necessary documents for the embassy of their country.